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Health, Education, Research Outcomes for Survivors of Childhood Cancer

The primary mission of the HEROS program is to provide outstanding, individualized care for childhood cancer survivors¤those who were diagnosed with a cancer before reaching 21 years of age and who are now at least three years beyond diagnosis. The clinic focuses on screening and managing the potential long-term effects of childhood cancer treatment. A multi-disciplinary team cares for HEROS patients: a pediatric oncologist specially trained in survivor care, a pediatric endocrinologist, a neuropsychologist, a social worker and a nurse.

The HEROS clinical evaluation includes:
  • A comprehensive review of each patient's medical history, medical records and treatment history
  • Screening for learning and psychological functioning
  • Diagnostic testing relevant to a patient¤s unique healthcare needs
  • A complete physical exam by a pediatric oncologist, including a complete evaluation of potential late effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and bone marrow transplantation
  • Advice and information about steps patients can take to remain healthy and pursue their life goals 
Survivors, as well as their families, come away from the clinic with a written summary and advice for the future, in an effort to minimize complications from their previous cancer care. All findings and recommendations will also be shared with the survivor¤s oncologist and primary care physician. In general, major health insurance plans will cover this survivorship consultation, even when the patient is also seeing a primary health care physician or oncologist. 

Because the cancer survivor experience is so important, patients at the HEROS Clinic may be invited to contribute to national research studies examining the quality of life in survivors of childhood cancer. 

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Hogan, Mary Jane

Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics (Hematology / Oncology)

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