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The Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit (CNRU) is a specialized service dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and research of neuropsychiatric disorders. The unit consists of an inpatient service, as well as outpatient specialty clinics for addictive, behavioral, genetic, bipolar, depressive, obsessive-compulsive, psychotic, and women's behavioral health disorders. Located at the Connecticut Mental Health Center, the CNRU is supported by the State of Connecticut and Yale School of Medicine. All patients voluntarily participate in clinical research studies designed to determine the neurobiological mechanism underlying these disorders. Pharmacotherapy, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, and behavior therapy are provided as clinically indicated. Clinical treatment is provided free of charge.Faculty members are board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Additionally, experienced clinicians from the disciplines of nursing and social work are key members of each team.
Special services offered by this unit include:
  • An inpatient facility and outpatient clinics for the comprehensive assessment and treatment of adults with cocaine addiction, alcohol dependence, major depression, bipolar disorder and obsessive/compulsive disorders
  • Expertise in the diagnosis and clinical management of treatment-resistant neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Opportunity for participation in treatment studies with investigational drugs
  • Opportunity for participation in studies involving specialized brain-imaging techniques
  • Opportunity for participation in studies of the genetic basis of neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Behavioral genetics and women's behavioral health services

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